Art Residency

Green Olive Arts aims to provide high quality production spaces and professional services for artists, writers, film-makers and creative researchers for extended seasons of production, inspiration and collaboration.

These spaces are available to both Moroccan and visiting creatives for art residency, based on a competitive application process.

We invite artists from a wide range of disciplines and mediums to apply for residencies of  2-12 weeks during most months of the year. We accept visual artists, writers, poets, curators, scientists, choreographers, puppeteers, and more. Our local Selection Panel awards residencies based upon artistic excellence of current work and intended residency proposal.

We are currently taking applications for the following residency periods:

  • WINTER – January 11 -February 22, 2018 – 2-6 week resourced, self-directed residencies – application
  • SPRING – March 8 – April 4, 2018 – (Convergence 2018, a one-month curated group residency with a theme to be announced by the end of May.  See the recently completed 2017 Convergence Residency).  Convergence 2018 application available soon.
  • SUMMER – June 11 – July 22, 2018 – 2-7 week resourced, self-directed residencies – application
  • FALL – September 11 – November 4, 2018 – 2-8 week resourced, self-directed residencies – application

Services Included in Residency:  WIFI internet, computer with printer/scanner, help in connecting with local craftsmen and materials suppliers, web-based promotion, arranged meet-ups with local artists and/or gatekeepers, in-studio consulting and assistance with your creative process and production needs by one of our founding artists, culminating program exhibition space and promotion.

Typical furniture: Adjustable height work tables, drafting table, materials storage, studio and field easels, movable lighting and a variety of seating. See images >>>>

Studio Fees: A furnished sunny studio space, shared with one other creative, starts at a base rate of 2500 dh (Moroccan Dirhams, MAD) per week (approx. $252 USD/wk), and a private studio space at 3700 dh per week for 1-2 weeks (approx. $374 USD/wk), with decreased rates for longer residency periods. View the application for more details. There is a reduced fee set for our Moroccan artists in residence since they are fluent in both language and culture here so do not need our services in navigating life here as much as foreign guests. The residency program provides a broad range of concierge services to assist our guests in research, production, translation and networking … all covered in the studio fees.

Housing:  GOA does not provide housing, however we are happy to arrange your housing from among a wide range of options to suit your unique preferences and goals. See our housing options page. Almost all of the housing options are within a short walk of the studios in either the ‘new’ or old city. And all of them must pass our strict evaluation before being endorsed by us as a place for our guests to sleep.

Additional Services: Local and country-wide tours, trustworthy guides for plein air outings, translators, crating services, connection to galleries, local language learning, home stays and meals with local families, portable easels and pochade boxes for outings, and many more.

Other Costs: Visiting artists are responsible for all costs associated with their residency (travel, studio fees and housing/board). Artists are encouraged to apply for outside grants, and we are happy to supply estimated budgets etc. to aide in that process. We also help our approved applicants work out the best combination of studio, tour, and housing options to suit their art residency goals, comfort, and budget.

Application:  Art residency applications are being taken on an open basis, year round, for the available 8-10 studio spaces and will be assessed by our Selection Panel. Approved applicants may expect an online or phone interview request before a final decision about their application.

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Carrie Mixon at work at GOA Ashley Widman at work June 2014