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Artisans of Tetouan – art tour



You are invited to have a personal visit with a handful of Tetouan’s finest artisans in their workshops. See them shape leather, wood, precious metals, wool, plaster, tile and other traditional materials into beautifully handcrafted objects. Then visit the Royal Artisan School (Dar Senaa) where children apprentice to masters to learn these same skills passed down for generations.

The handcrafts of Morocco are an ancient and endangered art, in spite of their popularity with tourists. At Green Olive Arts, we want to see these craftsmen and women flourish in their work and this art tour experience is a huge encouragement to them. In addition to the time spent hearing about their work, some of the fee you pay for this tour goes to the artisans themselves so that they can continue to make a living in their work.

Maximum Participants: 6 – (bigger groups can be split into separate tours)

Tour Price:

  • Half-day tour 10-2:00 (4 hours) – 500dh per person (2 person minimum) – additional people are 200dh each.  Solo tours may be booked for 1000dh (the price of 2 people).
    Artisans of Tetouan 2

    One of the only wood turners left in Tetouan …


  • Visiting a handful of Tetouan’s finest artisans (typically 4-6 artisans for a half-day tour), with time in each workshop to speak with them about their tools, process and work.
  • One of Green Olive Arts’ staff will accompany you to introduce you to these artisans and facilitate your exploration of their workshops and work, translating questions and stories to enrich the dialogue.
  • A visit to Dar Senaa, the Royal Artisan School of Tetouan, where local children are apprenticed to masters for 4 years of intense training in traditional artisanry (this school is typically closed on weekends, but we can still visit to see the workshops)
  • Transport if necessary (small additional cost – depending on desired artisan locations), though not typically needed, as most locations are easily reached on foot within the ancient medina of Tetouan.



I enjoyed the uniqueness of the tour. It felt like I wasn’t just a typical tourist, since I had access to these artisans’ workshops and was able to talk with them. Even better, our guides seemed to be friends with the artisans, so it didn’t feel like we were invading their space or unwelcome in any way. — Taylor (California)


This is a neat tour, I highly recommend it! — Yi Ying

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art tour - Leather crafters

Leather workers fashion bags, shoes, belts and other wearables from soft leather tanned in Tetouan

art tour - Carpet weaver

Carpet weavers hand-knot thousands of nots per square foot …

Art tour - Filigree craftsman

The master of a class of apprentices carefully taps filigree into a handmade box

art tour - wood carver

A woodcarver/carpenter leans his sharp bit into the soft wood of a decorative box



Artisans of Tetouan - apprentice painter - Green Olive Arts

An apprentice painter decorates the surface of a wood panel with traditional geometric designs (z’wark)

Artisans of Tetouan Tour - weavers loom

Ancient looms are still an important part of the process of weaving cloth for traditional djellabas and other items