Convergence Residencies

Convergence Curated Residencies

Con·vergence – kənˈvərjens – (n.)  1. the coming together from different directions so as eventually to meet. 2. a gradual change that results in things or people becoming similar or developing something in common.

The Convergence curated residency came about with the goal of offering an intensive month of creative community, immersive experiences and relational bridging within the rich landscape of northern Morocco’s culture and history. These month-long residencies typically include common housing, shared meals, inspiring outings, facilitated round tables, and various other programed activities relevant to the chosen theme, as well as creative production time and studio spaces for artists to develop new works. With an emphasis on collaboration, cross-pollination and broadening perspectives, the Convergence residency has begun to establish itself as an incubator of flourishing art, research and relationships among global artists.

Convergence 2018: Texture of Time

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Convergence 2017: the Artist & the Artisan

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Convergence 2016: many streams make the Moroccan city

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