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Con·vergence – kənˈvərjens – (n.)  1. the coming together from different directions so as eventually to meet. 2. a gradual change that results in things or people becoming similar or developing something in common.

During this curated residency, March 9 – April 5, 2017, Green Olive Arts will be hosting 8 international artists, from all disciplines, to spend 4 weeks in Morocco exploring the convergence of skills, patterns, influences and creativity shared by the artist & the artisan. An emphasis on collaboration and cross-pollination will be encouraged towards new directions in expression and design by both the artist & the artisan. The selected artists for CONVERGENCE 2017 are from Bahrain, Pakistan, Australia, the Netherlands, Iceland, USA, and Canada.

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The Artist & the Artisan

Globally, the fine craft of the artisan is fading with the passing of each generation skilled in the work of making beautiful and functional objects. CONVERGENCE 2017 aims to open up the creative work of both the artist & the artisan in Morocco for the mutual encouragement and influence inevitable in the context of professional exchange. Artists in Residence will have the opportunity to work alongside the artisans of Tetouan, Morocco, both in their local workshops and at the studios of Green Olive Arts. This gathering of international creatives includes painters, drawers, printmakers, sculptors, installation artists, writers, photographers, curators and graphic designers, who will participate in facilitated dialogues and experience the breadth of exploration into the treasures of craftsmanship in this ancient and changing land.

For me, Green Olive Arts was a home away from home. An artist essentially requires a constant creative and inspirational stimulus, rich cultural influences, encouraging environment and entourages, healthy excursions, intellectual interactions and delectable food every day! GOA provided us with an abundance of everything mentioned above. It was an experience of a lifetime. – Alinah Akbar (Pakistan) CONVERGENCE 2016


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